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Garage Cabinets

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New Cabinets naturally compliment Davis Floor Solutions' already popular Garage Floor Coating Systems. Additionally, our product lines are all "Made in the USA".

What sets us apart from the competition?

This made to order cabinet line utilizes High quality, European Hardware and Precision Engineering. These are just a few of the reasons our cabinets lead the market. Our proprietary design requires "Industrial Grade" Melamine for Strength, not the cheaper "commercial grade" material. We also offer custom Aluminum Shelf Stiffeners which increase the shelf holding capacity while also adding to the bold style.

We also offer Free Installation and Free Removal and Disposal of old cabinets!


Our Cabinets offer tremendous storage capacity. We have designed the shelves to have maximum adjustability so you can move them to fit your changing storage items. Many systems out there have fixed shelves which tends to create unused space. Cabinets are available in several colors, including White, Charcoal, Cherry, and Maple.

Panel Board

Our cabinets are made of 100% Industrial Pine Melamine. we will not use lower quality commercial board. Industrial grade is made with more glue than inferior specifications and is more expensive to manufacture. Industrial grade provides better screw holding and is stronger for holding weight. Pine, while more costly to obtain, is the high standard for "softwood". Consequently Industrial Pine is structurally superior and more chip resistant than boards using inferior specifications. Industrial is what the Wood Institute and Architectural Woodwork Institute approves for use in cabinetry.


Our panels are the first in the industry to be licensed with Composite Panel Associations' environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) downstream program.